Sunday, October 28, 2012

Christmas kisses

Well, it is nearly November.

So I'm having to get my act together and start to do some Christmas crafting. I have barely touched a needle and thread for the last month or so, so it has been great fun to get back into some creative activities and I was thrilled to finish this project today. (My house is just a sad trail of started projects .......)

The above "kissing ball" is a Buttonberry pattern from Homespun No. 62.

Apart from that I've been having fun in the garden. I still need to do a lot of planting in the vegie garden but am excited about some squash and cabbages that are coming to fruition.

The birds have been pretty excited about Spring too. The little fairy wren below has taken to spending his days tapping on my kitchen window - he must be able to see his reflection in it.

Meanwhile, his bride has been building a tiny nest in my overgrown jasmine. She's been spending some time trying it out for size but hasn't laid any eggs yet., and I'm so looking forward to that.