Friday, October 31, 2008

Singapore Sling

And here is the second gorgeous Red Boot Quilt Co quilt I was lucky enough to buy. This one is embellished with self covered buttons and exquisite quilting.

And here is the quilting, what a great pattern:

These quilts are so beautiful, I'm certainly not sharing them. They're all mine! I'm definitely not going to let any clumsy, messy puppies near them. Oh, no, here comes Sugar:

Get off! Get off! No! Don't SIT on it!

And don't make yourself comfortable!

For crying out loud, now Spice is joining her Sister! It is MINE I tell you!

Never mind, I managed to coax them away with a bone and reclaimed my quilt. You can also purchase this pattern from Toni's Etsy Store and view some of her other amazing patterns.

Maude's Medallion

This has got to be my favourite Red Boot Quilt Co pattern. I have the pattern myself but just haven't found the right fabrics to make it yet and now I don't have to because I have the most beautiful original!!

Here is a detail from the applique centre, such beautiful work and gorgeous fabric choices:

And here is a detail of the lovely quilting:

And one more pic for good luck:

You can buy this pattern from Toni's Etsy store for a bargain price (and see her much better photo of this gorgeous quilt). And I can thoroughly recommend her patterns - they're clear and concise with lots of diagrams and pictures, and well-tested so you know your quilt is going to turn out right!

Lucky me - again!

I posted a few days ago about winning the gorgeous cot quilt top from Toni at The Red Boot Quilt Company, well, here it is:

My photo just does not do justice to this cute little quilt. The little nine patches are so tiny, the piecing so perfect .... I almost took a photo of the back of the quilt to show you how neat and precise the work is!

I can't wait to quilt this one. I just hope I do it justice. Thanks so much Toni!!!!!!

Now the reason I titled this post "Lucky me - again" is because Toni also gave me the opportunity to buy some of her gorgeous quilts. She knows I am an avid devotee of her talented work and I have been lucky enough to buy some of her quilts before. I received them today in the post and am going to show them off in separate posts ..... because they are beautiful enough to deserve a post each and also because it makes me look more like a conscientious blogger if I post three times today!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Mr Gobble

This is Mr Gobble, he still needs some boots and a few adornments and then he will be ready for Christmas. As you can see from the glue gun etc in the background, he is a work in progress.

He is from Australian Homespun No.38 and is a design by Goldie Konsak.

I was looking for things to make for the various Christmas swaps I am in, but now realise Mr Gobble is a bit impractical to post so he may have to live here. At least, with me being a vegetarian, he will be safe from Christmas dinner here!

Lucky Monday

I am so thrilled - I have won a lovely cot quilt top from Toni at the Red Boot Quilt Company! Toni has made my day! I can't wait to receive it. I'll share a photo when I do.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sydney to Gong Ride

Jeremy is going in the 2008 Sydney to Gong bike ride - a VERY hilly, 90km ride from Sydney to Wollongong to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis.

He has a close friend affected by this disease so it is something close to his heart, as well as a motivation to get fit for the big day!

If anyone can spare a few dollars, he would appreciate your sponsorship. Donations are tax deductible (in Australia anyway). To donate, click here.

Christmas Swap

Has anyone else signed up for Fiona Marie's Global Christmas Swap yet? A few in my patchwork group did last year and enjoyed it very much.

I liked the lovely patterns that came with it but didn't have a great experience with my swap partner last year - she wasn't very computer literate, inadvertently blocked my email address as spam and made communication very difficult. I did eventually get my swap, but a month or two late. I also accepted her invitation to join an art card swap a few months later and while I sent mine, I never received one back and never heard back from anyone in that swap.

But having said that, I guess it was just an unfortunate combination of circumstances and I'm keen to join Fiona Marie' swap this year and see if I can have the same joyful experience so many of the other swappers have. And if not, at least I'll be able to download a new lot of lovely Christmas patterns I can use for some of the other Christmas swaps I'm in!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Next Project

I went to some more markets last weekend with my friend Lyle, the market afficiando, and bought some old lamp bases. I've been wanting a nice lamp for ages but the ones I like are really expensive, so I decided to buy some bases and make the shades myself.

This one is quartz and gilt. Unfortunately, the pretty marbling and internal crazing in the quartz doesn't show up in the photo:

And this one is gilt with a marble base:

I am still thinking about what I am going to do but I have some lovely flowery fabrics just pining to be used. And I think lots of beads and ribbons and braids are a must! Although I could go and do something plain and elegant ..... I'll keep you posted on how successful this experiment is!

Quilt Hanger

I found this old, battered quilt hanger at the markets at Morriset a couple of weekends ago and bought it for just a few dollars:

And spent last weekend sanding and staining it. I am so happy with it, I love the mahogany stain:
I am still working out what will look best on it. But these will do for now:

I still don't have my patching mojo back. But it had better return soon - in time to make some Christmas pressies!