Monday, October 20, 2014

Latest crochet

I just haven't been in the mood for any quilting lately but have finished a few crochet projects. I made this blanket a few weeks ago. I just love it. It's bright and cheerful and is the biggest project I have attempted in a long time, although it is just simple granny squares.

This one was made from 100% wool from Bendigo Woollen Mills. I can't wait to stock up on wool and make another one.

I've spent a couple of weeks at home looking after the pups as Sug had to have an operation on her knee due to a broken cruciate ligament. I was supposed to keep her confined and stop her from walking, so we spent a lot of time just sitting together while I did a few hand crafts.

For a bit of a change from crocheting, I've been doing quite a bit of cross stitching. This isn't a craft I am normally passionate about but I have had a thing for it lately and have finished quite a few little projects. Here is one - a little pin cushion:


And a band to embellish a hand towel. I also crocheted a pretty filet edge on this one:

Crochet edgings are something I have been having fun with lately. I have more doileys than surfaces now, so edgings make a nice change and means I can beautify the most mundane objects, such as these kitchen towels: