Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thanks Anna!

I received a lovely parcel from Anna for JellyWare's Washcloth Swap.

Anna made a gorgeous orange crocheted washcloth in a lovely soft, textured cotton.

And my seeds were some lovely lettuce and tomato varieties - I can't wait to get these planted. Anna also thoughtfully included some yummy dark chocolate - how did she know dark is my favourite?

And did you see this little fellow in the photo?

Unfortunately my photography is even worse than usual today, but he is the cutest little knitted brooch.
Thanks Anna for spoiling me!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Cute dolls and a hand towel

I've been having fun testing Toni's upcoming doll pattern, and although the pattern isn't released yet she is kindly letting me post pics of the two I made.

This is such a fun project to make, the possibilities for different variations are just about endless.

I spent yesterday, still sick, watching DVDs and crocheting this hand towel for my kitchen. Try not to notice my dirty oven! I like this hand towel so much I found I haven't been using it - I still keep drying my hands on an old tea towel! So I'll have to try to break that habit.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Some Eye Candy in Pink

I had a day off work yesterday with a throat infection (although I am sure they would have loved me to be at work, seeing as though I was quiet for a change!) so spent a little time sewing in front of a DVD. I made the little sitchery on the weekend and decided to make a little hand quilted bag out of it. This is the front. Still have to do the back.

I bought another of Toni's gorgeous quilts and was thrilled to receive it in the mail today. Her work is just so beautiful I don't know how she can stand to give them away!

Toni is the absolutely master of blanket stitch - it is all by hand but so perfect and even.

The quilting pattern is so cute, with little butterflies flitting about. And I just love the embroidery on this border (above).

I posted off my washcloth swap pressie last week and Carol has received it. She has a lovely blog, with lots of nice projects on it.