Thursday, January 27, 2011

UFO Thursday - Teddy Bear Quilt

I love this teddy bear pattern. It is from this massive quilt block archive and is so much fun to make. I've made a few in different colours but I do like this nice bright one.

However, I think that is why it is a UFO. I don't normally like bright colours, so don't have many in my stash, so have never finished this.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

UFO Thursday - Patch and Chat Mystery Quilt

Today's UFO is another mystery quilt, this one designed by one of the talented former members of the online quilting group I am in, Patch and Chat.

I was so excited by this challenge, I made two - one in this colour scheme and another in blue. I think the blue may be finished as far as the piecing is concerned, but I don't know where it is! This one needs at least the final border on, I think. I will have to try to find the instructions.

And get an iron onto it, obviously!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

UFO Thursday - Mystery Quilt

I am being a bit naughty and backposting this UFO Thursday post, and I will for the next post too, because I missed them! (Today is Australia Day!)

I have been enormously busy with work and other things, have way over-committed myself to too many things and well, a million other excuses. But I'm back on track now.

Today's UFO is a mystery quilt that a dear friend in Indiana, USA, sent me many years ago. It had many parts - 20 or so from memory - and each installment came with a new chapter in a mystery fiction story as well as a new classic block.

I haven't counted my blocks, so not sure where I got up to. I'll have to spend some time matching the blocks against the installments.

I think I came to a standstill because I ran out of a good mix of blues, and never got around to getting started again.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Flood Appeal Auction - Pass it On

Just wanted to share that Toni C of Make it Perfect is coordnating an auction to donate to flood relief efforts.

I think we're all amazed and shocked at the devastation that is happening in SE Queensland, which just seems to worsen and worsen, day by day. And I know we all want to do our little bit to help. So please check out Toni's blog above and partipate in her auctions either as a donor of handmade goods or a bidder.

Does anyone know of any other appeals happening around blogland? Maybe somewhere where we can donate goods?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

UFO Thursday

I have joined up for Cookies and Cream Craft's UFO Thursday, which involves posting about a UFO once a week. I've also joined the Stashbuster's 2011 UFO Challenge, which involves actually finishing some UFOs, so hopefully some of the UFOs you see here every Thursday will join my finished list for 2011!

This is one of my favourite UFOs. I love the fabrics and design of this quilt so much. I sooo wish I could finish it!

It looks finished from a distance, as last time I got it out with the intention of finishing it, I put the binding on. But look closer and you'll see it has lots more quilting left to do. Unfortunately, I started hand quilting this one quite heavily. I've hand quilted around all the blocks so I felt it was stable enough to risk binding it, but I have only echo quilted around half the stars, and chose a very labour-intensive 1" cross-hatch for the borders, of which I have only done one! There are dozens of hours of hand quilting remaining to be done.

I started this quilt probably five or six years ago using the Wuthering Heights range, and pieced it in a single day. I truly hope this will make my finished UFO list for 2011, but I doubt it!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

First UFO finish for 2011

I've finished my first UFO for 2011! It is just a small lap quilt, an experiment in some foundation pieced string blocks I made a few months ago. The quilt was pieced, and quilted (although rather badly!) so today all I had to do was make and sew on some binding. 

I also added a few buttons at the intersections of some of the blocks to give it a bit of interest.

So that's one down ..... and I don't even want to know how many to go!