Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Single Star Wreath

I thought this little quilt would be really easy - it uses templates, which I normally avoid, but the pieces are so big and chunky I thought even I can do it justice. But I struggled a little with this one - very few of my seams and points match, although it doesn't look too bad from a distance. I had planned to make four of these 42 1/2" blocks and put together with sashings for a queen sized quilt, but don't think I can face making another three of them. I think I will just add a big border and make it into a small lap quilt.

This pattern is by Brenda Smith and was in Australian Patchwork & Quilting Vol 15 No 9.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

New Bag

You know when you get some yummy new fabrics, you just have to start playing with them straight away? Well, I do, anyhow. So I put together this roomy shoulder bag today. I made a little pocket inside for my keys and things and used a different fabric for the lining.

Lots of goodies

Just what I needed! I've had a really tiring week, being busy at work and not getting anything I wanted to do done, had to attend a funeral of a colleague and now I think I'm coming down with the flu, so it is a real pick-me-up to receive all the goodies I've been ordering lately!

Some of Robyn Pandolph's Flirt range:

Some Amy Butler fabrics:

Some of the Barefoot Roses range:

Some Ava Rose:

Some Portugal and Harvest Home Jelly Rolls:

I'm still waiting on some matching charm squares for these. I also received the entire Portabello market Fat Quarter set, and am waiting on this pattern to go with it. Which must mean there is another parcel winging its way towards me!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Day Trip to Berrima

Jeremy took me for a drive to Berrima today. It was a beautiful day for it - really pleasant in the sun and not too cold for this time of year.

We had a look in my favourite antique shop of all time. Apart from Berrima Patchwork, it is my favourite shop in Berrima. I just don't know it's name! It has just about everything you could possibly think of, including a whole room devoted to needle crafts. Just look at this wall of antique quilts:

There were heaps of vintage DMC and anchor embroidery threads, and truckloads of vintage buttons, buckets of antique knitting needles and beautiful bone crochet hooks. I was tempted by a lot of the threads but in the end, couldn't decide, and resisted. Jeremy bought us a 1950s vintage aluminium bread bin, though.

I also was pretty restrained at Berrima Patchwork. I am still a bit ashamed of myself as I have been on a very reckless online spending spree lately. I am currently awaiting delivery of parcels from 4 different online patchwork shops, and I am not even going to tell you how much I have spent. More than I can really afford, anyhow. I have just been out of control! So I tried really hard to be good today and only bought these Bareroots patterns:

They had samples in the shop of these, which were just amazing. I always think "ho, hum, whatever" when I see a Bareroots pattern but whenever I see one of them made up, in the flesh so to speak, I am just amazed and want to make one too.

We had lunch at the Surveyor General's Inn and then headed back via Mittagong where Jeremy stopped to let me look in Timeless Treasures Patchwork Shop, but I was good and didn't buy anything. I knew there was another patchwork shop in Mittagong, but didn't know where and didn't want any more temptation, so we didn't visit it. I just googled it and found out it is the Village Quilt Shop and we were just around the corner from it. Oh, well, next time.

Then we stopped at Victoria House Needlecraft. Wow, I've never stopped there before. It must be the biggest cross stitch, embroidery and tapestry shop I have ever seen. They have everything! And best of all, so many things were half price. I don't even like doing cross stitch very much but the kits were so cheap I just had to buy some:

These are fairly small ones, so I may even finish them!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Another BOM

Ok, I haven't finished the last one but I have made two blocks from this one because I just loved the colours used and wanted to reproduce it. The only problem is I don't want to buy any more fabric, and I don't have many bright fabrics in my stash. I'll have to dig around and see if I can find enough to finish this one. Otherwise it goes into the UFO pile until I finish playing with some other new fabrics I have bought!

Jeremy wasn't feeling well this morning so he had the day off work. I came home after a hard long day to find this. Some people (and dogs) have a great life. Oh well, at least they all looked after each other I guess.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Just thought I'd share this photo of Spice I just took. I never get a nice photo of Spice, she is too active and also very suspicious of the camera so I am really pleased she stayed still long enough for me to snap her for once. She was rubbing herself all over the blankets here - don't know what she's been up to today but she is covered in grease, she must have been playing under Daddy's car. Now I am also covered in grease, because I didn't realise until after I had given her pats and cuddles.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Quilted Castle

Thanks Amee for letting us know that not only is The Quilted Castle having a 20% off sale, but that if you mention it on your blog you can claim an additional 5% off! So 25% off gorgeous shabby and chic fabrics! I haven't ordered from The Quilted Castle before, but there are some tempting things there. I haven't decided what I want yet. It ALL looks good!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Whoo Hoo - All done

Except for the 12 alternate blocks, the sashings, the borders .....

Getting there

Two more down, two more to go.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The next 5 blocks

Star Quilt

I have very belatedly joined in doing the Star quilt along at Crazy Mom Quilts - very belatedly because it is actually over now and all of the blocks published! Oh, well. Amee and Carey have also been doing this one.

I've made the first four blocks this morning. I am just using whatever pink scraps I come across, so a lot of the blocks may not go together but I am hoping if I make the alternate blocks (in a sort of Irish chain pattern) in a medium colour, it will tie it all together.

Some of my blocks are a bit inaccurate, a point or two may have been lost along the way, but I don't care, I am just having fun today which means no unpicking!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Free Stitchery Patterns at Cathron Country

Cath at Cathron Country has designed a lovely set of 26 alphabet stitcheries she is giving away free! Pop across to her blog to join up, and also marvel at the amazing woodwork and folkart pieces she and her husband make. Some really beautiful pieces there! (Note: I have borrowed the above image from Cath's blog with her permission!)