Monday, February 4, 2008

Late Christmas Quilt

I started putting this quilt together a couple of weeks ago, using some country Christmas fabrics. It is a bit crumpled as it has been sitting in a heap on the table while I decide how to finish it. I probably should have ironed it before photographing! Maybe I will have it finished in time for Christmas '08!


Christine said...

Lovely quilt. The fabrics are great together. I also have things to finish for next Christmas. Working on a stitchery at the moment. It will be another Christmas cup.

Vanessa said...

Christine, I love your Christmas cups. Can't wait to see another. I was hoping this quilt wouldn't look too Christmassy - the fabrics weren't too Christmassy, just the colours. But well, it does, so I guess it will be a table throw for this year!