Thursday, December 18, 2008

What I've been working on

I've been really busy with work lately, and very stressed, so haven't been doing much in the way of craft the last month or so except for managing to finish off my Christmas swap things.

One thing (or two things) I have managed to finish are these dishcloths from the scrumptious Peaches n Creme cotton Sue sent me in my Christmas parcel. I love this cotton, so I had to use it straight away and these took no time to whip up:

I've also been crocheting a cardigan for my little neice for Christmas. I hope I finish it in time. I only need to do the sleeves (and it is only a baby size!) but I'm kind of struggling with it at the moment. I'll take a pic if and when I finish it.

I did play with the disappearing nine-patch after seeing a lovely version by Gabbie, no blog, of Patch-n-Chat, a few weeks ago. Before I saw hers, I just didn't get the attraction of this technique! But something about her colour arrangement really worked, and her quilt was spectacular. And so I put together a little pink cot quilt top and a bigger lap quilt. But I haven't quilted either and haven't managed to take a photo. So maybe I'll get a chance if I manage to get a day off over Christmas.

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