Thursday, April 30, 2009

Nine Patch Quilt-A-Long

I've just signed up for Crazy Mom's Nine Patch Quilt A Long. I've been really slack lately and haven't done any sewing at all in weeks. But I figure even I can manage a 6" nine patch every day, even though I'm starting a few days late. I might even start tonight.

I'm working from home today (apart from this bloggy interlude) and a bird appeared in my study this morning! It was really strange, I just don't know where he came from. I would have seen him if he came in the door. He flew around for a while, and I opened the window and spent a long time trying to coax him out, which he eventually did. I took a photo of him but then my camera died, so I can't post a pic. But I promise you it is true.

Amendment: Got my camera sorted and here is my little visitor.

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Anonymous said...

hey vanessa, love your new background! your cardigan is gorgeous! and hello to your little birdy (willy wagtail?) visitor!
have a lovely weekend, toni :O) xxx