Thursday, October 1, 2009

Some Eye Candy in Pink

I had a day off work yesterday with a throat infection (although I am sure they would have loved me to be at work, seeing as though I was quiet for a change!) so spent a little time sewing in front of a DVD. I made the little sitchery on the weekend and decided to make a little hand quilted bag out of it. This is the front. Still have to do the back.

I bought another of Toni's gorgeous quilts and was thrilled to receive it in the mail today. Her work is just so beautiful I don't know how she can stand to give them away!

Toni is the absolutely master of blanket stitch - it is all by hand but so perfect and even.

The quilting pattern is so cute, with little butterflies flitting about. And I just love the embroidery on this border (above).

I posted off my washcloth swap pressie last week and Carol has received it. She has a lovely blog, with lots of nice projects on it.


Jane Kerr said...

Your bag is very cute. I too like the embroidery projects. Hope you get to feeling better.
jane in indiana

Jane Kerr said...

PS:...lucky you having one of Toni's quilts. She is amazing with her beautiful blanket stitch!
jane in indiana