Saturday, January 2, 2010

Humid stormy day

It's not terribly hot here today but it is horribly humid, very energy-sapping. And there are rumblings of thunder in the distance. A typical summer's day in Sydney I guess! It's not much fun doing housework in this weather, but of course, it's not too bad for sewing.

I started this little heart stitchery pattern yesterday while watching TV, I hope to finish it today, then I'm not sure what I'll do with it:

And today I've been playing with a Jelly Roll making these simple cross blocks:

I've sewn all the strips into pairs, and am just working up the energy to press the seams and cross cut them.

I've been a bit lazy in the vegie garden this summer. The weather has not been conducive to gardening the last couple of months - raining for days so it is hard to get out and do things, and blazing hot at other times. I have planted tomatoes and lettuce which are doing well, and the herbs and spinach are still going strong.

I had forgotten though that I had planted some beetroots some months ago in the side garden which I rarely venture into. So I was surprised to find a bunch of huge beetroot in amongst the weeds! Some were starting to get a bit old and wood-y in texture, so I decided to pull the whole lot and pickle those which were still tender.
I'm not a huge fan of beetroot - I like it occasionally on a salad sandwich or burger, but don't eat a lot of it. My Dad loooves beetroot though so I imagine most of this will go to him.


Thimbleanna said...

I'm assuming what you call beetroot is what we call beets here. I love beets but rarely get any. Love those crosses -- it will be fun to see the finished quilt!

a good yarn said...

I'm afraid that I'm not a fan of the hunidity either. That's a really sweet heart stitchery. I'm interested to see what happens with your jelly roll blocks. My garden is barely holding on. The fruit trees have been knocked about in this crazy weather we have been having in Sydney. Your beetroot pickle looks great in those jarss. Cheers, Ann :-)