Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Garden Spoons from Julie

Thanks very much Jewells for the gorgeous garden spoons you sent me - I love them!

I bought some from Julie a while ago - Basil, Sage, Mint and Thyme. They were so lovely I asked if she did any others.

She didn't, but surprised me by making them especially for me, as an early Christmas present!

Aren't they great?

I haven't taken photos of the earlier spoons yet because, apart from the mint, the others aren't doing well yet, but now it is Spring they should be thriving soon.


AnitaS said...

The spoons are lovely. I never saw it before.

Maree: said...

hi Vanessa...could you send me your postal address for the xmas swap...sorry don't have your email.

Jewells said...

Hey...they look great in your garden... it feels good when someone shows the spoons with the actual herbs!...cheers!

Anne Heidi said...

Oh how cute, I LOVE those spoons.

Maree: said...

Your Spoons are Great...could you please email me..I have one down with Vanessa as a name but not sure if it is you...I need it for the xmas swap.

a good yarn said...

They are marvellous! Ann :-)