Sunday, November 21, 2010


That's the answer to the question in my previous post!

But I did have the sender's permission!

So here are my fabulous goodies from Anne Heidi. So my three craft items ened up being a measuring tape in cute matching case, some gorgeous mercerised cotton yarn which will be wonderful for crocheting, and a collection of some of the most gorgeous Christmas fabrics I have ever seen! My two Christmas items were a lovely silver snowflake ornament and a lovel carved reindeer ornament. I also scored a cute Goin' Sewin' pin.  And my one recipe was for some very yummy sounding glazed carrots. All in a beautiful tote.

Here's a better look at some of that fabric:

It's the kind of fabric that you just itch to start playing with, so I know I will be making something with this before Christmas.

Thanks again Anne Heidi for your beautiful and generous gifts.


AnitaS said...

Your presents looks very lovely. You had a good partner.

Anne Heidi said...

I am so happy you liked the things I sent you! And I really don't think you are naughty at all- after all you might want to use the yarn and fabrics before Christmas :-)

Sweet P said...

What wonderful goodies! Enjoy them!