Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lots of swapping going on

This is my lovely Valentines gift from Christine. I apologise for the poor photo, but these are gorgeous magnets with lovely little poems on them. They read:

The wind through my heart
blows all
my candles


The wind blows through the
doors of my
It scatters my
sheet music.

I've been trying to practice my washcloth knitting skills lately, in preparation for Jewell's Easter Swap. I think I still need a bit of practice!

My colour parcel is on its way to its mystery recipient. Her chosen colour was Red, so she'll have a bunch of red fat quarters, some red thread, red ribbon, red iron-on decorations and some Malteser eggs. I can't remember what colour I chose so I'll get a surprise when I receive mine!

I think I've let most people in my address book know, but in case I missed you, please note that I have changed my primary email address to the below:


Jo in TAS said...

Hi Vanessa!
Your gorgeous parcel of redness has arrived and I love it!! I've always wanted a knitted cloth and so I feel very lucky to have recieved such a pretty one. The FQ's are gorgeous and the maltesers are slowly dissappearing!
Thank-you so much I hope you receive something equally as lovely!!

Cheryll said...

WOW... your partner Bev sent you some beautiful things! It was a fun swap... wasn't it! :)