Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hexagon progress

I'm having fun with my hexagon cushion cover. I spent a couple of hours yesterday hand quilting the hexagons and hope to start quilting the background later today. Not sure how I am going to quilt it yet, but knowing me, probably just some easy grids.

I also finished my jumper this week. There are a couple of wonky stitches which really show in the chunky yarn, but I think I can fix it. I am happy with it because I never finish any large knitting projects, so I am just impressed with myself that I finished it at all!

I spent a little time weeding the vegie gardens this morning and putting in some winter seeds. I surprised a lovely, plump frog though so had to stop so I didn't disturb him. I wanted to take a photo but he was a bit upset with my attentions, so I decided to come inside and leave him alone. I think frogs are beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Love the hexagon cushion, Vanessa. It inspires me! Sandy

Maree: said...

Your Hexie Cushion is coming along Nicely and I really Love your New Jumper..the colour & the Design.
well done.

Thimbleanna said...

Very pretty projects. I LOVE the cable on your sweater too!

a good yarn said...

It looks delightful! Such pretty fabrics. Great finish on your jumper. It looks so warm and cosy.