Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Midweek quickie: button art

For this midweek quickie post I'm showing off some button art! These were the outcome of another easy project that took less than half an hour to do.

I found some little artist canvases in my cupboard and covered them with fabric, then just glued on some buttons. For the heart, I traced a design on from a template, covered the line with the first row of buttons then filled in the gaps. For the circle, I used an egg-ring.

I used PVA glue for this so they took a while to dry but this gave me more time to move the buttons around as opposed to a hot glue gun. I also tend to get into a bit of a mess with my hot glue gun with wispy strands all over the place!

The frames are some bargains picked up from a discount shop.

1 comment:

Jewells said...

I like these better than the last project... keep going with the great ideas!