Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Back to Work Today - Grrrr

Back to work today after a long weekend, which was rainy and a bit miserable. Apart from dinner with family one night, grocery shopping and housework, we didn't do much at all. But I was so tired today, it doesn't feel like I just had a 3 day weekend at all.

Sugar has been very limpy and sad since her walk on Saturday afternoon. Since her surgery, she has a 4 week course of cartrophen before winter every year to get her through the colder months. She is on her 3rd dose this week, so she should be feeling better, not worse. I have some anti-inflammatories for her but they don't seem to help at all. So for the rest of the weekend we were just content to sit in front of the heater and nap (her) and sew (me), and have the occasional snuggle. I wish I could have stayed home with her today, I felt so awful putting her out this morning, instead of letting her snuggle in bed with me.

So here is a stitchery I started this weekend. It is from a doll pattern by Lorraine Green, the stitchery is meant to be on the doll's dress, but I just like it on its own, so will make it into a cushion instead. I've changed some of the colours and stitches too.

I also started making this simple nine patch quilt. The photo is awful - it is so dark and dreary here - so I will take a better one when I finish it. I have just been buggaring up everything I touch lately - I just can't seem to sew or cut a straight line. So I decided to do something simple that even I couldn't mess up too much. The fabrics are lovely - they are called Perennial Spice - very rich and autumny. I bought a fat quarter pack a while back, but just didn't know what to use them on because 10 of the FQs are quite dark and there were only 2 light ones (which I haven't used at all here). But I matched them with a spotted tan for the sashings and middle patch, so they are much brighter looking now. They look much darker and murkier than they are in the below photo.

It is currently 5 rows of 4 blocks with sashings in between. I think I will add another row and then it will be pretty much single size. I won't have enough fabric left over for a border, so will have to find something else that sort of matches.

And finally, my friend Lyle (aka Pandaman) has started his own Blog so do pop over and give him some encouragement. I can't wait for him to post some of his photos. (Oh, I just looked, and the first photo he has posted is the quilt I made for him - I feel very special!) He is not a quilter, but a collector of Asian inspired furnishings and knick knacks. Almost everything in his amazing Asian-themed house was sourced at bargain prices from local markets too. So he should have some tips for creating an amazing decor on next to nothing too!


Thimbleanna said...

Your little stitchery looks awesome -- I'm anxious to see it finished!

PandaMan said...

Thank you for your encouragement, thats a great idea for my blog "how to make your home asian". This quilt is looking great too. I would like to check it out next time i visit you.