Monday, March 2, 2009

Oma's Bag from Rosalie

I was so excited to receive my auction win from Rosalie Quinlan in the mail today. Gee, does that woman work fast!

Here is my gorgeous Oma's Bag, made by Rosalie herself. This bag is huuuge! Definitely something Omas (grandmas) or hoarders like me need to carry their stuff around in.

How cute are the little pockets:

And the bag looks so cute when closed with its drawstring tie:

Thanks Rosalie, for the gorgeous bag, and for the fantastic effort toward raising funds for bushfire relief.


toni said...

just gorgeous vanessa! congratulations and it is such a good cause too. toni :O) xxx

Stina said...

It is absoulutely wonderful... love it very much!! And it will be so special for you!!