Thursday, March 26, 2009

Window Frostings

My bedroom is at the dark side of the house, but I can't leave the blinds open to let in what meagre light it could receive as it is at the front of the house on a street with a lot of pedestrian traffic. I like to lie in bed and read when I'm tired, and in winter when its cold, like to watch TV and sew there too, under the blankets, so I have always craved natural light.

Last weekend I experimented with this idea - creating the look of window frosting using Epsom Salts and water! I have also found a few on the net involving Epsom Salts and beer but I didn't have any beer at the time, and if I had, I would have found a better use for it than smearing it on my windows.

And gee, it actually kind of worked! At first nothing happened, and I thought nothing would, but eventually, over the course of a couple of hours, patterns like feathers and ice crystals emerged. It was amazing to watch it gradually appear. And I recommend this to all as a wonderful experiment, or performance art on a boring day or something. You can just wash it off with water when you're done.

But it didn't really have the depth and opacity I needed - I think it would look better in small windows - over almost 2 square metres of windows it didn't look quite right. So I found this great product online and ordered some from New Zealand on Sunday and had it arrive today, Thursday. It is an adhesive plastic like school book covering, and is about as easy to apply and was really a bargain.

Here is the view, or lack of, from my bedroom window now! So I can have some privacy but get some light as well. I have only just put this on, so can't vouch for its longevity, but right now I am thrilled with this product!


Anne-Lise said...

Good idea! Love the pups! Funny how they always think what you're doing is for them, isn't it. Always a source of a good laugh.
Will be back.

toni said...

looks great vanessa! we used something similar for the bathroom window in our old house - it worked a treat. toni :O) xxx