Monday, June 15, 2009

Soiree Cushion Covers

I am still playing with scraps from my Soiree jelly roll, and have heaps left so more to come.

I am on hols for a month as I have too much leave accrued, and as I am sooo sick of my work right now, I agreed to take some leave. So today I whipped up a couple of these mega-sized cushion covers and spent the rest of the day hand quilting in front of DVDs and the heater.

Sugar kept the heater warm for me while I was getting my piecing done.

While Spice just made a big old mess of the bed and decided to try to keep warm in there.

It's lucky I love these dogs so much because washing sheets and making beds are two of my least favourite things, and I wouldn't do them for just anybody!

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