Monday, June 8, 2009

Doggy things

Winter is here in Sydney and the days and nights are starting to get chilly.

I've been crocheting a new winter coat for Sugar in all the colours of the rainbow (see below):

I hope I finish it in time for her to get some use out of this winter. I've also just bought a new kennel for her. They have a kennel but Spice normally gets in first and refuses to share, so I decided it was time to get a second kennel to keep Sugar off the cold ground.

I put it together yesterday but as yet neither has gone in it! While I'm home the dogs are pretty much always in the house with me, and sleep in the house, so I guess they might give it a try when I'm back at work tomorrow. Hope so!


AJ said...

The yarn is beautiful! Love the purple!

JulesQuilts said...

Wow that is gorgeous yarn and it crochets up beautifully.
I'm lusting after some!!!
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