Saturday, March 20, 2010

Jelly Roll Quilt Along Block 2 and Some Crochet Things

I finished my second Jelly Roll quilt-along block today:

For some reason this block gave me a lot of headaches, even though it isn't that complicated. I normally have a rule that I don't do any piecing on weeknights after work. I usually find if I do, then I make a lot of silly mistakes because I am tired and my mind is on other things. This week I ignored my own rule to my peril, and ended up having to unpick twice. I finally put it together properly this morning.

If I do feel like doing craft at night, I normally stick to embroidery or crochet which are a little less difficult to stuff up and easier to undo if I do!

I was looking for a pattern to make my little neice something for her birthday but instead came across a beginner's crochet book from Patons with some easy, thick-yarn projects I had forgotten about and made a couple of adult things from that instead.

This scarf is just a nice weight and sooo soft, made from Jet which is a wool/alpaca mix, and with such a chunky yarn it was very quick to make too. I hate the very cold weather, but I am kind of looking forward to it now with a new scarf to wear!

Also with Jet is this beanie and wrist warmer set. I still need to make some little flowers for the beanie. The wrist warmer, or fingerless glove, wears like this:

I've got the flu at the moment so am feeling a bit sorry for myself. I had a pounding headache for two days, but now am just snuffly and lethargic. I mowed the front lawn this morning and the sun and heat and exercise have made me feel a bit better.


Dandelion Quilts said...

Looks nice...even if it gave you problems. :)

a good yarn said...

I'm sorry to read that you aren't feeling well. Take things easy and rest. Your crocheted pieces are lovely - especially the gloves. It's a nuisance when you have to unpick, isn't it? Never mind, it has turned out well in the end. Cheers, Ann :-)