Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Some orphan blocks found a home

A couple of weeks ago, during the never-ending attempt to clean up my sewing room, I came across a lot of orphan blocks including a stack of disappearing nine patch blocks in lovely pastel florals.

So I quickly put them together into this very large table runner and did some quick in the ditch quilting to finish it off rapidly.

Here is a close up with my new/old bowl which I decided to use for a fruit bowl, as it is just the right size for four or five pieces of fruit which is about what I have in my house at any one time.

I also came across this crocheted jug cover I had forgotten making. Instead of beads, it has little colourful buttons around the edge.

I have been feeling like the above picture the last few days (except not so tidy looking, imagine wilder hair, weepier eyes and a snottier face). I don't know if flus are getting more severe every year, or if I am just getting older and feeling them a lot more, but I have been miserable.

Today I am feeling a lot better, although I didn't sleep much last night as I was up coughing most of the night and when I did fall asleep I was having strange, vivid dreams. I wonder what was in the cough medicine I was diligently chugging all night? Or was it the gallon or so of green tea I drank to soothe my sore throat? So I was exhausted this morning and decided to have a second day off work, but I should be feeling well enough to return tomorrow.

The good things about being sick are that :

  • I've been doing some crochet while in bed or watching TV;
  • I've lost a couple kilos I had put on over the last few weeks as I have been too busy with work to eat healthily and have just been snatching gulps of junk food when I can
  • and that I've been able to spend more time with the pups who have been giving me extra cuddles and cheering me up with their antics.

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a good yarn said...

Sounds like you need to give yourself some TLC. Eat well and rest lots. Your table runner and jug cover are very pretty. Ann :-)