Sunday, May 30, 2010

A bit of spoiling

I decided to spoil myself a bit and joined up for Faeries in my Garden's Gift of the Month subscription. A bit late, so I was thrilled to get the first two month's postings this week and couldn't wait to start the adorable coffee plunger cosy and heat mat. I love these pretty pink fabrics!

I made the plunger cosy yesterday. There it is, lying flat above, and below is it wrapped around .... well, a cashew nut jar, as I don't have a coffee plunger.

If the weather gets wild and wet this afternoon as they are predicting, I'll be staying inside and working on the matching heat mat.

I've also been a bit spoiled by friends and colleagues this week. The lovely roses above are from a good friend, for no particular reason, isn't that sweet? And the flowers in the coffee plunger photo at the top are from a gorgeous bunch given to me from some work colleagues - I recently retired from our Social Club Committee due to work commitments, so the remaining Committee members gave me some beautiful flowers as a thank you for the work I put it in the past.


Dandelion Quilts said...

What a pretty project!

a good yarn said...

Such a pretty projects. Those hearts are very sweet - just like your pretty blooms. Ann :-)

Christine said...

How cute. Love all the pretty pink fabrics.