Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mess, mess, mess

Last weekend I finished those bright jelly roll blocks I started some time ago and put them together into a little lap quilt (shown below in sad, un-ironed state). I did intend to add a final border of 2 1/2" squares but somehow between last weekend and now, I have managed to lose half of the scraps I had left over! Would you believe it?

Well, yes you would if you saw the state of my sewing room!

I wish I was as organised as others and had everything in neat little drawers. Some of it is, but, well, there is SO MUCH that the drawers overflowed years ago.

I use my dining table as my cutting, organising and everything else table. The piles of fabrics and assorted scraps just pile up until people come over for dinner and then I hastily stuff it all into a plastic tub or bag and hide it away in my sewing room. Then I forget about it and the whole process starts again with new fabrics. So you see, I end up with dozens of bags and tubs filled with who knows what. Like this:

This tub included some stray blocks, assorted scraps of both fabrics and wadding, plastic bags, cord, a strange leaf, a bedsock and a pair of tights. So my task for today is to rummage through a few boxes and try to sort things out, or at least think of a great scrap quilt to use some bits and pieces up.

And lastly just a cute photo of Spice having a nap on the sofa yesterday. She is so gorgeous!


Dandelion Quilts said...

I love that quilt....very cute, I have always liked that Moda line.

a good yarn said...

Spice is just too cute! Your quilt looks terrific! Gosh those scraps need some wrangling but there is a treasure trove there. Ann :-)