Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bits and pieces

I finally finished 9 blocks for my scrappy string quilt and put the first border on. I'd like to make the final border scrappy, foundation-pieced too but I am a bit over this technique now, so am putting it aside for a little while.

Another thing I found in one of my scrap bins was a stitchery. From memory, this is an Ann Dimmer pattern from one of the magazines (maybe Handmade?) and was made into a bolster cushion. I made the bolster cushion for a friend once, but this time, made the stitchery into a normal square cushion with some scraps from the same bin.

I had a good time at the markets this morning with my friend. I got some vegies, bread, books and a pile of old doilies from a woman who had a mountain of them for 50 cents each! I bought 9 of them because that's all the change I had.

I realised I had too many vegies when I came home, so I've been doing some preserving this afternoon. I've got some skinned red capsicum strips in oil and herbs (yummy antipasto stuff) and some eggplants degorging waiting for the same treatment. I also have a big pot of vegie and lentil curry on the stove, with green beans and cauliflower in it. It smells good, so can't wait for dinner!


Anonymous said...

I love your string quilt, the stitchery is gorgeous, and the doilies a bargain!

Dandelion Quilts said...

Well, it looks great....can't wait to see it finished.

One for a wish.. said...

Love the doilies..what a find! The quilt is looking good -when you run out of your scraps, I'll send you some of mine!

Thimbleanna said...

It sounds like you're doing some yummy cooking! And your quilt turned out great -- I hope the love returns and you finish it soon!

a good yarn said...

The string quilt is fantastic! Great buys at the markets and your stitchery is delightful. What a enjoyable post! Ann :-)