Thursday, January 6, 2011

UFO Thursday

I have joined up for Cookies and Cream Craft's UFO Thursday, which involves posting about a UFO once a week. I've also joined the Stashbuster's 2011 UFO Challenge, which involves actually finishing some UFOs, so hopefully some of the UFOs you see here every Thursday will join my finished list for 2011!

This is one of my favourite UFOs. I love the fabrics and design of this quilt so much. I sooo wish I could finish it!

It looks finished from a distance, as last time I got it out with the intention of finishing it, I put the binding on. But look closer and you'll see it has lots more quilting left to do. Unfortunately, I started hand quilting this one quite heavily. I've hand quilted around all the blocks so I felt it was stable enough to risk binding it, but I have only echo quilted around half the stars, and chose a very labour-intensive 1" cross-hatch for the borders, of which I have only done one! There are dozens of hours of hand quilting remaining to be done.

I started this quilt probably five or six years ago using the Wuthering Heights range, and pieced it in a single day. I truly hope this will make my finished UFO list for 2011, but I doubt it!


Anonymous said...

Wow, Vanessa! What a great quilt! I love the fabric. You do have a big job ahead of you, don't you. Keep plugging away, you'll get there. And thanks for joining in for UFO Thursday. See you next week! *grin*

AnitaS said...

This is such a lovely quilt and I know you can do it. Slowly but steady.