Saturday, August 20, 2011


It's turned cold again so I've been spending a bit of time snuggled up warmly with some hand stitching lately. The above needlecase is from an old issue of Country Threads. And wouldn't you know it, I've just tidied up the house and put the magazine away so I can't tell you which issue or who designed it.

I've also been whipping up these tiny stitcheries which are for for a Birdhouse designed quilt called Sweethearts, which I came across while cleaning last week and I had forgotten I had. (Does everyone else have houses where craft goods are stashed in every conceivable place, so you're constanly coming across a pattern or fabric or half-finished project every time you open a cupboard or a drawer, and wonder who put them there?)

I used a variegated DMC thread in pinks and red. I only had 1 skein and I just had enough to finish these.


Anonymous said...

lovely projects Vanessa,the needlecase i came across last night as i was going through a heap of mags,its quite a nice little design,well done

AnitaS said...

I love your needlecase. And yes everywhere patterns, fabrik and so on.

Thimbleanna said...

Beautiful embroideries Vanessa! You made me laugh too -- I'm wondering WHO bought all the fabric I have in my sewing room!!!

a good yarn said...

Those stitcheries are so cute! It's emabrassing just how much stuff is stashed about the place. Ann :-)