Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Some more stitcheries and ramblings

A couple of Leanne Beasley stitcheries I have been working on, from old issues of Homespun. They were a set of three and I haven't decided if I am going to do the third one or not. I've trimmed these quite ruthlessly so clearly I plan to piece them into something. I don't know what yet though.

I also received some goodies in the mail this week, including a Rosalie Quinlan Christmas stitchery in redwork which I started yesterday. It was quite expensive, but pre-printed on linen which saved me tracing what was quite a complex design. I'm looking forward to making it into a centrepiece or something for Christmas.

I also received a parcel from The Fat Quarter Shop which I had despaired of ever seeing. Their service has always been faultless and my last order, in early July was dispatched in 2 packages within a day of placing the order. One parcel arrived within a week and the other never showed up. I've been meaning to call the post office about it and never got around to it, and to my surprise it arrived today! It was just a few charm packs and things that were on sale. I wonder what stories that parcel could tell, where it has been on its travels. I live in an area with a lot of similar street names - lots of Aboriginal words starting with "B" - so I frequently get mail addressed to the same number in neighbouring streets and go around delivering them myself.

The pups and I spent a happy weekend in the garden, weeding and paving, getting our vegie patches ready for Spring. We were startled by an equally startled frog; tried to work up a level of murderousness to kill a snail but it looked at us too beguilingly so we just moved it to a plant we didn't care about; watched the antics of a Golden Wattlebird who was frolicking around the garden; and found an interesting stone that we like to think is an ancient Aboriginal flake tool. All in all, an exhausting but fun and productive weekend.


Anonymous said...

lovely post Vanessa

AnitaS said...

I looked up the wreath. Expensive but very beautiful. Your stitcheries are looking very good.

Maree: said...

I've been waiting on a parcel from the FQS too I emailed them & they said it was coming by sea the long way round something about the time the volcanic Ash...it's 2 weeks late so far...will be interesting to see how long it takes..
Love your Stitcheries...

a good yarn said...

Nice work on the stitcheries. I haven't the patience for anything that size. Did you receive the Christmas Wreath pattern? It's just lovely. So glad you received both your parcels - eventually. We rudely interrupted a snoozing blue tongue lizard yesterday. He was just under the mulch. Guess he needed his beauty sleep. Ann :-)