Thursday, November 10, 2011

The secret to successful child-rearing

I recently bought some iron-on embroidery transfers from Grandma's Attic. (Note to self: stop buying crafty things online, remember your car rego is due, Christmas is coming, pups are nearly due for their vaccinations etc! It is an addiction, and you need help!) These were so cheap, and they actually work, giving a clear, crisp outline with minimal ironing on! Unlike my experiences with iron-on embroidery patterns from here.

The above is from a set of 1930s tea towel designs, one for every day of the week. Only, I am planning to make these ones into a quilt, if I finish them all.

I also bought a set of iron-on puppies and herbs, so lots of embroidery to be getting on with.

I was restless on the weekend and started flipping through old, old magazines for some vintage inspiration. I love old women's magazines, especially from the 1940s, even the ads and recipes reveal so much about the period. For instance, lots of inventive and imaginative, if unpalatable, butter substitutes to deal with rationing. And lots of lard - yuck!

But the ad below came from a magazine in the early 60s and I laughed so much at it, I just had to share it - click on it to zoom in:

Drunkenness - the answer to all problems!


Anonymous said...

Your stitchery is gorgeous! and LOLing at the answer to children - alcohol. You know, some days that makes a whole lot of sense ROFLOL... toni xxx

Thimbleanna said...

Hahaha -- that ad is hysterical! My oh my, how times have changed -- you'd never see an add like that. No siree ... not in this day and age of perfect children who must never be told that they're little animals -- might bruise their fragile egos LOL. LOVE LOVE LOVE that pretty little embroidery too!

One for a wish.. said...

Getting hubby to mix me up some tonic as I type...yep the kids are looking much better now!

a good yarn said...

Aahh, the good old days when alcohol and narcotics (Bex powders) left the perfect housewife in a fog.

When you find the *cure* to snapping up great online bargains please to be sharing it with the rest of us. I so need to stop buying fabrics, gadgets, patterns.

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