Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bits and Pieces

Here are a couple of cute crochet hexagon bags made from this pattern at Lion Brand Yarns. I made the darker one a couple of months ago and have been using it as a library book bag. I found the handle a little too long so made a much shorter handle on the lighter coloured one.

I really liked the Papillon layer cake quilt I made for my Mum in an earlier post, so decided to make a quilt in the same pattern for myself. I chose the Vintage Modern range - this simple pattern is so good for showcasing beautiful fabrics, and who can resist gorgeous florals and red polka dots?

So I've finished piecing the quilt top but need to get some backing fabric before I can quilt it.

Other things I've been working on lately include this courthouse steps log cabin quilt top. I made this from one of the bargain quilt kits I bought at the Penrith show a couple of weeks ago. The fabrics are kind of unfashionable, but I guess they suit the design.

Finally, on the quilt top front, a simple jelly roll quilt from Gypsy Girl fabric.

I also finished a table runner made from the sashiko fabric I bought recently. This fabric was fantastic! It had the embroidery design printed on it, and it washed out with a quick dunk in water, so I could choose which lines I wanted to stitch and which I wanted to leave blank. Believe it or not, the below three blocks were made from the same pre-printed fabric - I just sewed different bits of the design in each.

It was kind of fun and relaxing sewing these blocks. I think I will have to get some more of this amazing fabric!


Tarnyia said...

WOW a very busy lady you have been... love the crochets bags xxx

Thimbleanna said...

Tarnyia took my exact first sentence! Everything looks wonderful and that sashiko stitching is amazing...all from one pattern!

cahirasnana said...

Great work. What a productive time you have been having lately. I actually like the fabrics you used in your log cabin quilt even if they are unfashionable atm.