Monday, April 7, 2008

More from the Waratah Quilt Show

Lyle loved this double sized Japanese quilt. The red blocks are three dimensional with a perfectly centred Asian motif in each. It showcases a great collection of Japanese fabrics. It is not quite finished - like my own Asian quilt I am making for Lyle, it is still awaiting its binding.

This miniature Cathedral Windows was only about 12" square! This one was by Amanda Daly. How tiny the little squares and stitches are.

I really liked this one - I love traditional blocks repeated. So effective. The colours come together really cutely too.

This was another of my favourites, a really simple, beautiful scrappy quilt.

I think this was Jeremy's favourites - an amazing queen or king sized colourwash. Some of the squares were tiny four-patches with the sunflower motif fussy cut. The maker must surely have an amazing eye to do this on such a large scale! I take my metaphorical hat off to her.

And my last photo is of this little Yin-Yang wall quilt which Lyle loved. It was very small and very detailed. Another one by Amands Daly.

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blueberrylane said...

Isn't it interesting who likes what quilts......