Monday, April 7, 2008

Waratah Quilters Quilt Show

I visited the Waratah Quilters quilt show at Dundas, NSW, on Sunday. Someone I know through work is a member of this group and although we don't know each other well, she knew I was interested in patchwork so gave me a call to let me know it was on. As I was out and about on Sunday with my friend Lyle and partner Jeremy, we decided to pop in.

I was just snapping away and forgot to write down the quilters who made these quilts, so apologies for not crediting the talented women in this group individually. The above, of course, is an Anni Downs design.

This one was great. Just the beauty of a simple repeated block in 1930s prints. It was huge too - king sized I would estimate - and one of the most technically perfect in the show!

This is a lap sized one by Anita Brown. A really quick and simple design, but I thought the colours were so effective. She had hand quilted this one.

Lyle was in raptures over all of the Asian designed quilts - he just couldn't pick a favourite. But this is one!

I think just about everyone did a colourwash heart in the early 90s, but this one was amazing for it's use of just black and white. The fabrics were adorable.

Above are some bits of pieces - place mats, pillows, bags you name it!

What an amazing use of shades of blue in this one.

Bugs in Jars!

How cute is this cat quilt. I can imagine a little girl would love this one.


Carin said...

Beautiful quilts! I like the black and white heart one its a different take on it. Sounds like you had fun thats the best part.

Christine said...

Thanks for sharing all your pictures from the quilt show. My favourite is the 1930's basket quilt. Always love 1930's quilts.