Thursday, May 28, 2009

More crochet from QUARANTINE

I have been a bit crochet mad lately. It's something easy to do while snuggled up in bed watching TV, now that it is getting wintery and I am still getting over the flu so haven't had much energy for anything else.

I made two sets of the above - the same as the white ones I made, but in a mercerised pink cotton.

And also this filet crochet runner for my dressing table:

As for the post heading, I am in QUARANTINE!

A work mate has a relative in the same dwelling with suspected swine flu, so as a precaution, my whole team was sent home this morning and told not to come back til Monday.

I'm thrilled cos I'm still feeling run down from the normal flu so am just ecstatic over getting to sleep in tomorrow and rest up more in bed.

We'll find out tomorrow if the person in question really does have swine flu, and if so, we'll all need to be tested and quarantined further. So hopefully it doesn't come to that and everyone is well and just gets a day off work!

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