Friday, May 15, 2009

Finally .... a lamp shade

Remember those lamp bases I bought at the markets last year? Well, they've been sitting on a shelf gathering dust for a while so a few days ago I finally made a shade for one of them.
It was my first attempt so it is a bit plain. But I still have another to make so I will see what I can come up with.

I'm in bed with a nasty virus at the moment. I'm just terrible at resting though. I keep seeing things that need doing, dusting, vacuuming etc, or thinking of craft projects I'd rather be doing. So I get up and start, and then realise I don't have the energy and go back to bed, and then get up again half an hour later and start the whole process again. The result being that the house is messier than ever - vacuum cleaner and assorted other things lying abandoned all over the place. What's the point of a day off work if you can't do anything?!


toni said...

OMG! your lampshade is BEAUTIFUL! congratulations on a job well done! hope you get well soon, toni :) xxx

Gabbie said...

Your lamp shade is gorgeous. Hope you are feeling better by now.