Saturday, May 30, 2009

Soiree Arm Chair Caddy

I took advantage of the novel situation of being told not to go to work yesterday to get some sewing done!

I've been admiring these Soiree charm squares and jelly roll and wondering what to do with them, and looking at the mess around my arm chair and constantly losing everything under the cushion, decided to make an arm chair caddy.

I started with two appliqued circle blocks and then went from there, making it up as I went, so it ended up a bit of a riotous clash of colours!

Above is one side, with a largish pocket for all the quilty goods I need while I'm watching TV. And on the other side are three smaller pockets for my remotes (one of which is missing!).

I didn't put a pin cushion on this one, as I made this for the side of the chair the pups like to "greet" me from. And greeting usually entails faces and paws etc on the chair arm.

In retrospect, I think I could have done with a lot more white to break the fabrics up and make them more distinct. I was making this design up as I went, and really should have drawn a diagram or thought about it first! But, whatever, it certainly brightens the place up.

And here are a couple of dishcloths I made through the week:

Did I say dishcloths? I am going to use them as face washers instead.


Dandelion Quilts said...

I love your arm chair caddy. I need a caddy on the side of my bed. Perhaps I will get on that. Love your design, you are always clever. Thanks for the get well wishes.

AJ said...

Love the arm chair caddy.

Sheryl said...

Nice job on the arm chair caddy..those fabrics are lovely.
And boy, you've been productive crocheting! they look great....

Stina said...

Love this one.. great idea.. this is what my DH wants me to do.. becauseof the ALWAYS missing remote controls...;o)))