Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Recycling old jeans

I haven't accomplished much the last few days but one thing I have been doing is going through bags of old clothes to sort out what to give away and what can be re-used.

I've chopped up some old jeans and started making a new mat for the dogs. I've made the top:

And haven't decided if I will make the back patchwork denim as well or use another hard-wearing fabric. And whether to stuff it, make a pad out of several layers of thick wadding, or to fill it with bean bag beans.

I've also been playing with another jelly roll, making these blocks:

But they aren't going terribly well. None of the blocks have all the seams and points matching up in the centre so I'm getting frustrated.

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Dandelion Quilts said...

It looks like a difficult block. I hate when I get frustrated like that when I am quilting. It makes the project difficult to finish. Hang in there...I do like the block though!