Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Story of a Bear

A friend gave me this bear kit a couple of weeks ago and I gave it a go on Sunday afternoon. His nose is a little wonky and I think his ears are sitting too high, and I still need to finish his little vest, but I guess he is not a bad first attempt!

There must be secrets to bear making that I am not privy to. Like how to cut and sew the fabric without getting fluff over every possible conceivable surface of the house, and self (causing itchiness), and up own nose causing sneezing fits etc. And how to tighten the bolts on the joints without trying to fit a full sized wrench and a power drill in the tiny seam openings I had left, with only two hands, when four or five would have been better. I guess smaller tools would be in order.

Anyway, when I've finished Blue Bear's vest I'll post another pic to let you know how he is going.


lzilulu said...

scrumdilly-licious xox

toni said...

hiya vanessa, he's beautiful, i so love that blue! you are such a multi-talented person - you never cease to amaze me! luv toni :o) xxx

Carin said...

good luck with the vest, your bear turned out adorable