Thursday, July 16, 2009

Some little things

I've been enjoying playing with some of the variegated DMC threads this week. I started this little cross stitch but I was getting annoyed with myself because I kept forgetting which way my crosses were going! And with the variegations it was really obvious where my threads started and finished.

So I started experimenting with a star stitch (don't know it's name) that I normally associate with canvas work, and made this bookmark:

I love these two threads together, the subtle colour changes in the thread give it so much vibrancy.

I also made this little sachet which I plan to fill with lavender:

And Sug has been enjoying her new mat. She does kind of fit on it, but was stretching in the direction of the heater here. Poor thing, she had a sore tum the day this was taken so spent all day asleep in front of the heater and didn't eat at all. But she is much better now.


Anonymous said...

love the new mat you made for your dog. What a great idea to use jeans!

Sweet P said...

I don't think you can tell where the threads start and stop. It's a gorgeous small piece. I love playing with variegated threads. I have quite a few of them and should pull them out for play time.