Friday, August 6, 2010

Almost there!

I spent all day yesterday and this morning on this quilt top. I still need to add another border but I need to find the right fabric for it so will need to go shopping this weekend.

I don't normally like making big quilts. I just don't have the room for ironing, laying out, pinning. There comes a point when it starts becoming a bit of a wrestling match, when every row starts taking half an hour to pin on to sew, when I start getting entangled and tripping over between the ironing board and the sewing table, when I wonder why my sewing machine is dancing on the spot and find a dog sitting on the other end of the quilt top ..... you get the idea. It is too HARD!

I also managed to run over my finger twice with my rotary cutter in the making of this one and will probably lose half a finger nail.

This one is going to be 250cm square, so it will be a nice bed sized quilt. I'm glad I persevered, even after it stopped being fun, but I'm also glad I can soon move on to something else.

Changing the subject, while at Bunnings getting medicine for a sick orange tree and mulch for the vegie garden the other day, I came across these little cuties:

Aren't they cute? They were less than $3 each so they were hard to resist. I noticed a couple hardened tradesmen in the queue with them too!


Jewells said...

I just "love" blue and white quilts..... wish I could take a couple of weeks off to just sew...but I find I must leave home for my holidays otherwise work keeps calling me in... Cheers!

One for a wish.. said...

Love the blue and white quilt - looks great. Good to see you're making good use of some time off!

Cute budgies..can just imagine some tradies with them sticking out of the ute!

Donna said...

Your quilt top is really lovely! I don't think you can go wrong with blue and white. The budgies are cute.

a good yarn said...

It was definitely worth persevering as it is a stunning quilt! The budgies are so sweet. ann...