Sunday, August 1, 2010

Jelly roll sampler quilt top finished - sort of

I've finished my jelly roll sampler quilt sort of. Sort of because I realised I wasn't going to have enough of my chosen fabrics for sashings and borders, so decided to quit while I was ahead and stop at 9 blocks.

It's a nice lap size at this stage. Gee it's hard to get quilt photos in this house. There's always the occasional dog walking through and giving the quilt top a bit of a road test.

I've received the next two installments of my Faeries in My Garden Gift of the Month. I still haven't finished the first few! But here is a little embroidery from the one I am working on now:

One thing I am finding a little frustrating with these is the iron on transfers for the embroidery. In short, they don't work. I've re-read the instructions, followed them diligently, and they still don't work. In the above, I managed eventually to get a faint transfer after about 20 minutes pressing. Some of the others haven't worked at all. There's always the option of tracing them, I guess, but some of the designs are quite tiny and intricate, making it rather difficult.

That's the only dispute I have with this GOM. The patterns are lovely and the instructions very detailed.


Dandelion Quilts said...

Your quilt is pretty. Pretty!!

a good yarn said...

Your jelly roll quilt is delightful and has turned out really well. The embroidery is very pretty indeed. Have you contacted the shop to let them know you are having problems with the iron-on transfer? It might be worthwhile. Cheers, Ann :-)

Alex said...

Love the jelly roll sampler quilt... the colours are so nice. I have a couple of patterns with the iron on transfers, havent used them yet, but will let you know how I get on, when I do.

Enjoy sewing up a storm over the next few weeks ;o))

Alex said...

Love your sampler quilt - the colours are very pretty and work well. I have a couple of patterns with iron on transfers but have not used them as yet. I will let you know who I get on when I do.

Have fun sewing up a storm over the next few weeks ;o))