Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The sun is shining

My friend Anne popped around yesterday and gave me these lovely blooms, that started opening up overnight:

And yesterday, I finished off this old log cabin quilt I pieced years and years ago. My quilting is a bit dodgy. But that's okay, because it goes with the dodgy piecing! I was quilting through the centre of each row and the rows were of varying widths, the borders a bit fluted and well, it's not a very good quilt. No wonder I never quilted it before.

But I think the quilting hides a few of its flaws.

Did I mention I am on annual leave for a couple weeks? I had so much leave accrued they have been harrassing me for months to take some, but I have been too busy. Work finally quietened down enough for me to oblige. So I have no excuse not to finish more projects, which is my aim. Today, though, the rain has finally cleared so I am going to do some gardening.


Thimbleanna said...

Very pretty! Isn't it wonderful to finish up some UFOs? Enjoy your time off!

a good yarn said...

What beautiful lillies. It's always nice to finish a quilt and you musn't trouble yourself over its construction. It's still good for snuggling under on a cold day. Enjoy your time away from wotk. ann...