Saturday, March 15, 2008

At it again

I cleared out my vegie garden today - it had become so feral I couldn't even get in there to find any vegetables! It was like a jungle! I ripped heaps of things out but saved the last of the vegies, so I am back to pickle making again today. Sigh, I thought that was over for another year. So I'm making bread and butter cucumbers, green tomato pickle and zucchini pickles. Here are some of the vegies degorging.

I haven't done much sewing this week. I was back at work after a few days off with very nasty virus, and just found it exhausting. I just wanted to sleep when I came home. In fact, I just wanted to sleep while I was at work too! But I did start quilting Lyle's Asian quilt. I am just quilting in the ditch and will probably stipple the wide border. An all over design would have looked better, but at this stage I just want to get it finished, it has been sitting around for so long. Lyle wants it finished too - this was supposed to be his birthday present not from last year, but the year before!


Carin said...

pickles and jam are about the only things I put up. Good for you!

Anonymous said...

how do you make bread and butter cucumbers??? and can you add your recipe for green tomato pickle to the blog pleeeeeeease??? i love green tomato pickles but don't have a recipe for them. is there a bigger picture of lyle's quilt? glad you liked the patterns! t. xxx

Christine said...

Hope you are feeling better now. It took me ages to get over the virus I had too. I really like the cot quilt you finished - it will be lovely for your sister. And the quilt with the dresden plate is beautiful - love the fabrics. Hope you have a happy Easter and greetings to Sugar and Spice.