Friday, March 7, 2008

Pincushion Competition

Blueberry Lane is running a competition to win an out of print Lynette Anderson Pincushion book. You just need to pop over to her blog and Lynette's and leave a comment, and post a pic of your pincushion on your own for an extra chance.

So here are mine:

I had some scraps of Japanese fabrics at one stage so tried my hand at Sashiko quilting to make the first little one. The second one is from a Bareroots pattern. Both are a little dusty ..... I tend to stick my pins into any available surface, so you can normally find booby traps of pins in the arms of sofas, the ironing board .... anywhere but a pin cushion really.

This little beehive has never been used. It just sits on a shelf. It is a little lopsided and not very firmly stuffed. Not a very good pincushion really.

A few weeks ago a patchwork friend shared info on this Pincushion Challenge. The comp doesn't close til September, but it is certainly time to start thinking about Pincushions.


Carin said...

I love your beehive pincushion!

Thimbleanna said...

Hey -- I love this little beehive pincushion. I kind of collect beehives -- do you know if there is a pattern for it?