Friday, March 28, 2008


I received a huge stash of gorgeous fabrics in the post from Iddy Biddy Designs. They have some amazing specials on at the moment. And each colour grouping of fat quarters was individually packaged with a little surprise in each one - sometimes a colour coordinated button, sometimes embroidery thread or a handmade yoyo! I am so impressed with the presentation. When I ordered these online, the automatically calculated postage was a bit exorbitant and then payment was through Paymate which adds a small commission - but I kind of shrugged and thought with the bargains I am getting it doesn't matter. Overall it is still cheap! But then Wendy emailed me and said to compensate for the over-charging of postage she was putting in a little extra something, which turned out to be not little at all - some gorgeous fabrics, thread, buttons, gift cards. I am really impressed with the service and presentation of Iddy Biddy Designs, a company I haven't ordered from before. I will definitely be a return customer!

The reason for this post's heading is because of the nightmare that is Australia Post! I had a card on my door when I got home from work last Thursday saying I had 2 parcels to collect from the post office on the other side of my suburb, and they would be available from 4pm that day. It was too late to go so I popped in on Saturday and they couldn't find them! They said the contractor who did their deliveries hadn't returned on Thursday afternoon so it was probably still in his van. So I left my numbers and asked them to call me on Tuesday to confirm when they came in. They hadn't called by mid afternoon so I called them, and a very rude man said they weren't there, but they had lost my numbers so I had to give them again. I waited all week and still didn't hear anything then finally called again today and I spoke to a woman who was much more polite and said they had discovered the contractor was leaving the wrong cards so it was probably at another post office. So she called my local post office (around the corner) and found out they had been sitting there all week! So I was annoyed as I could have been playing with these fabrics last weekend. And annoyed also that they were never going to call me to tell me this, so if I hadn't kept chasing it up I would never have found my packages. I was going to complain about this but you can't email a complaint to Australia Post - you have to post it to a snail mail address!


Stina said...

Ohhh...How annoying!!!! Think about the fabrics...they must have been really scared to be in that postoffice for a week...;D...Hope you have gotten some time to play around with them now...
Take care..

Carin said...

What a pain I am glad you finally got them.