Monday, July 14, 2008

Chilly Monday Morning

I've been trying to post everyday so when I get to the end of my holidays and think, "Where did all that time go", I can look back and know! And here it is, 5 days since my last post .....

So what have I been up to? First, Jeremy took me to the Phantom of the Opera at the Lyric Theatre on Friday night as my birthday outing. He even got out of work early so he could come all the way home and drive me all the way back into the city again. Then we had a drink and dinner, and enjoyed a lovely show.

On Saturday afternoon we headed for his sister's place at Sans Souci where they were hosting a big birthday party for two of his nieces. Shelley was turning 2 and Kiera 1. It was a huge party with a big jumping castle (which I had a go on when I thought no one was looking). One of the presents we got for them was these cute felted slippers we bought at the markets at Glenbrook.

Other than that, I haven't been doing much. The only thing I accomplished was this little cabinet, below. The rest of the time I've been starting little crochet and stitchery projects and then getting bored with them.

While we were out on Saturday, we popped into Jeremy's Mum's so he could get lots of tools he had inherited from his father and grandfather, and left in storage there. For my woodworking! There are several huge boxes I haven't even explored yet, but I did spy some vintage chisels and files and planes ..... exactly what I need to improve my woodworking and begin to get a bit more professional!


Carin said...

How wonderful the Phantom of the Opera is so wonderful you are a lucky woman.

Caz said...

What a caring man J is !! Sounds like those tools were destined for you - let us know what other goodies you find in there .... LOVE your new woodworking piece!! and your quilt draped over the lounge (still havent finished mine LOL)

toni said...

oh the felted shoes are GORGEOUS!!! do they have them in adult sizes???? *smile*. luv, toni :O) xxx