Monday, July 7, 2008

Peaceful Tuesday

I spent today weeding and mulching the vegie garden before I lost sight of my poor vegies altogether under the encroaching weeds. I find winter gardening a bit disheartening. In Spring and Summer, it is so exciting - I can go out to check on my plants a couple of times a day and every time something different is happening. In Winter, I can look once a week and can't see any changes. So I tend to get disheartened and neglect the garden, which is probably why my Winter vegies never flourish.

So now I've given them a bit of attention, hopefully they will do better this year. I have broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, snow peas, parsnips and carrots in at the moment. I planted them a month or two ago. As well as all the herbs and spinach and silverbeet, which are pretty constant. I ordered some seed potatoes the other day so I need to prepare some garden for them too. I've never grown potatoes before, so that will be fun.

I also made some washing liquid, following the instructions on the Down To Earth blog. I was pretty amazed. It took less than 10 minutes and it has the same look, smell and texture as commercial liquids - I just need to try it out, but I am sure it will work just as well. I also bought some caustic soda the other day so am just trying to work up the courage to make some soap. I need to get a candy thermometer first though.

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blueberrylane said...

Sounds like you are slowly starting to relax...enjoy your time off !