Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wonderful Wednesday

It is so great not to have to go to work, I have gotten so much done today!

First up, I tried making soap for the first time, overcoming my fear of caustic soda. Everything seemed to be going well, my mixture turned into a lovely thick cream and I poured it into an old baking tray as a mould. Then out of the corner of my eye, I thought I saw it move. I stared at it for a few moments and sure enough, it was rising like a volcano at an increasing rate. What had been my lovely smooth slab of soap was soon Mt Vesuvius. I would have taken a photo but I was hiding behind the door, waiting for the explosion at this stage. Then, just like a volcano, it kind of exploded out the side and a tide of lava began oozing its way out. Then, I remembered the instructions had said to cover it with a towel, so I hastily threw a towel over it and it suddenly deflated. So, to cut a long story short, it did actually turn into soap! I have it cut up and it is drying out on a wire rack at the moment. But they are strange shaped bars of soap.

Next, I organised my bookshelves, and cleaned out a few clothes drawers, ruthlessly throwing away half of everything. Then tackled my wool box/mess and also threw heaps away. I turned this mess:

Into this:

A big improvement. I just wish I had the stamina to even think about doing the same to my patchwork supplies. Then I relaxed in front of a DVD while I crocheted this little cotton washcloth:

And finished this needlecase:

So now I'm going to relax in front of the fire with a book. It is freezing in Sydney today!


Anonymous said...

kate and i are still laughing about the exploding soap... i can picture you hiding behind the door!! where were sugar and spice? i would love to try making our own soap. thanks for the link. luv, toni :O) xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Vanessa,

You have been a busy bee. Love all the things you have been working. I have been meaning to get out into my garden as well - just never enough time and its been too cold here these pasts weeks. Glad youi are having some holidays - you need it!

Hugs Alex

Alexandra said...

Hi Vanessa,

Glad you are taking some holidays - youu sure need them! Love reading about what yoou are up to and looking at your works in progress and whatever. Always so refreshing. Had a good laugh at the soap incident. Just as well your got the towel on before you had a major eruption... what a laugh.

Hugs Alex

Alexandra said...

You will probably get two posts from me now as I stuffed up and didnt think it went through.... he he..

Anonymous said...

Hi Vanessa,
You deserve a brake after all the time you spend at work; it’s time you had some time for you.
You have been a little busy bee! and I’m amassed at your great talent.
Have a great holiday – you need it Doug

Carin said...

I am glad your soap didn't take over the house ROFL!!!!

Great job on the yarn (wanta come do mine) {no really its 90F here in Utah}
It seems so strange that it is cold down under :O)

PandaMan said...

This is great, I can catch up on what you are doing via your web page. I dont think you have time for working anymore lol. If you make enough things, we can set up a stall at the markets to make money.

Anne-Maree said...

So are you going to try Soap making again? Very funny story. Love the needlecase you have made.