Monday, October 13, 2008

Quilt Hanger

I found this old, battered quilt hanger at the markets at Morriset a couple of weekends ago and bought it for just a few dollars:

And spent last weekend sanding and staining it. I am so happy with it, I love the mahogany stain:
I am still working out what will look best on it. But these will do for now:

I still don't have my patching mojo back. But it had better return soon - in time to make some Christmas pressies!


lzilulu said...

WOW! the hanger did come up well....sounds like you have been having some fun at the markets..

Martin said...

hey vanessa!!! howya been? the quilt hanger came up beautifully - great job! luv, toni :O)

Caz said...

Love the quilt hanger, all your hard work paid off. Look forward to seeing the lamp shades too.