Friday, October 31, 2008

Singapore Sling

And here is the second gorgeous Red Boot Quilt Co quilt I was lucky enough to buy. This one is embellished with self covered buttons and exquisite quilting.

And here is the quilting, what a great pattern:

These quilts are so beautiful, I'm certainly not sharing them. They're all mine! I'm definitely not going to let any clumsy, messy puppies near them. Oh, no, here comes Sugar:

Get off! Get off! No! Don't SIT on it!

And don't make yourself comfortable!

For crying out loud, now Spice is joining her Sister! It is MINE I tell you!

Never mind, I managed to coax them away with a bone and reclaimed my quilt. You can also purchase this pattern from Toni's Etsy Store and view some of her other amazing patterns.


toni said...

i think sugar makes a very pretty addition to the quilt *lol* luv, toni :O) xxx

Christine said...

Wow ... your new quilts are beautiful. Sugar obviously approves too.